Month: May 2021

  • How Q’s “Lost Drops” Undermine the QAnon Myth

    This piece first appeared at Bellingcat. It’s reproduced here with permission. I made a few edits and additions, most notably spelling out the full list of slurs that Q quoted (but didn’t rebuke) when writing one of the lost drops. I also added a few sentences to contextualize the slurs and explain why they’re significant. […]

  • The Making of QAnon: A Crowdsourced Conspiracy

    My essay outlining QAnon’s roots in 4chan culture first appeared at Bellingcat on January 7th, 2021. I’ve reproduced the text with permission (and made a minor edit to a line that never quite sat right with me). CONTENT WARNING: This document contains quotes from 4chan, which means it also contains slurs. I’ve left them unedited […]