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Author: Gavin Fox

In Service of the Truth

While monitoring the usual channels on Telegram in mid-December, Q Origins came across a somewhat unusual post: a comment from a user, reshared by the channel owner, relating the user’s experience with “communistic films” shown to them in church in the 70’s: portrayals of a feared future under totalitarian rule, which the user said gave them nightmares. She also said “I’m praying, believing, and acting like it is going to be they that face the firing squads, and their heads that roll off the sword.” Other users identified the films as the Thief In The Night series, released from 1972 through 1983, dramas predicting possible events during the Tribulation prophesied in the Bible. It’s not surprising that this would come up in a QAnon-related channel. QAnon itself is a belief that the world is under the control of evil, Satanic leaders, but that a period of intense strife is coming during which they will be cast down, and godly rule will replace them. This is also the general outline of biblical eschatological belief in evangelical Christianity, one of QAnon’s largest constituent bases: the predicted details vary depending on who you ask, but the overall structure of evil being ultimately overthrown…