APPENDIX B: What does Juan O Savin / Wayne Willott Believe?

Willott is a longtime conspiracy theorist (he claims to have been friends with the late Bill Cooper), so his pre-existing beliefs have mingled with QAnon culture to produce a unique, soupy mixture of bullshit. For details on Willott’s real life, please consult this Daily Beast article – it’s easily the best biography of Willott we have.

The rest of this appendix – like the report itself – will refer to Willott as “Juan” or “Savin,” because it is only in his role as “Juan O Savin” that Willott is able to have a real-world political impact.

In Juan’s belief system, a small group of families – you’ll occasionally hear him refer to “the 13 bloodline families” – has run the world since time immemorial. These families are devoted to sexual perversity, child sacrifice, and social control, and are working towards a global genocide that will reduce the Earth’s population to approximately 500 million. The families have a Satanic or Luciferian religion that heavily involves the Isis/Osiris myth – in particular, Juan often states that the Washington Monument symbolically represents the penis of Osiris, and was built by these elites as part of a religious declaration of loyalty and a coded admission of their depraved agenda for America. 

In pre-modern societies, this cabal infiltrated and controlled aristocratic families. In modern-day America, it holds power by controlling mass media and – especially – by rigging elections.  

Juan holds that the public acts and speeches of the elite have an additional layer of symbolism which can be decoded by people who, like Juan, know what to look for. This was a common belief among conspiracists even before Q came along, but it’s an absolutely core element of QAnon culture – without it, the whole thing would fall apart.

Juan believes that Trump, the Q team, and “white hats” within the US military are engaged in a shadow war against these elites – and that they use parts of the elites’ playbook against them, such as coded or back-channel communications to the public. He also believes that the military (or at least those parts of the military that control weapons of mass destruction) does not acknowledge Biden as president, but instead sees Trump as the true commander-in-chief. 

Finally, we should address the question of Savin’s mental health. In general, Juan’s speech is lucid (if also repetitive and dull), and he is clearly oriented to time and place when he speaks. We have encountered no statements by Juan that would make us question his sanity – the closest we came was a long monologue (1:21:18 forward, Rumble, Rumble2, BeforeItsNews – 5/11/22) that, if you didn’t understand QAnon culture and Juan’s personal beliefs, would frankly sound schizophrenic. In it, he asserts that President Trump was communicating with the world via semaphore (the language of flags), using Melania’s dresses as his mode of communication. He concludes by saying that “Election 2020 will equal MAGA – the Make America Great Again coalition – to the third power over corn.” 

This does, indeed, sound like word salad. But if you understand the centrality of “comms” (i.e. hidden messages that the cognoscenti can decipher) to the QAnon worldview, and in particular if you know what “corn comms” are, you can understand what he’s saying. The gist of it is that the 2020 election will ultimately usher in the Storm – so that in spite of any apparent setbacks now, in fact Trump’s final victory is imminent.

Not only is this message culturally appropriate for a Q-pilled audience, it is the core message of QAnon – “the Storm is coming soon” is the eternal cry of the QAnon influencer.

In short, Savin is possessed of, and is acting on, a set of beliefs that are wildly disconnected from reality. But this is true of any QAnon influencer, and believing in QAnon is not a mental illness. Savin is wrong – profoundly wrong – about pretty much everything. He’s thirsty for a right-wing dictatorship, too. But he isn’t mentally ill. Believing in QAnon is not a mental illness.