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  • Antisemitism and Military Tribunal Fantasies on /pol/ Before Q

    It’s striking that — as early as Q’s second day of posting — anons had already figured out Q’s metaplot. It was especially noteworthy that one predicted the “military tribunals” that are central to the Q mythos. How? As it turns out (surprise!), 4chan users often fantasized about their perceived enemies — frequently Jews — […]

  • “We Could Adjust the Vote” — Table of Contents

    Photo credit: @QAnonAnonymous/Twitter Part I Part II Part III Part IV Conclusion Appendix A — What is QAnon? Appendix B —What does Juan O Savin / Wayne Willott Believe?

  • APPENDIX B: What does Juan O Savin / Wayne Willott Believe?

    Willott is a longtime conspiracy theorist (he claims to have been friends with the late Bill Cooper), so his pre-existing beliefs have mingled with QAnon culture to produce a unique, soupy mixture of bullshit. For details on Willott’s real life, please consult this Daily Beast article – it’s easily the best biography of Willott we […]

  • APPENDIX A: What is QAnon?

    When asked about Savin’s coalition, one prominent expert described QAnon as “such an anti-reality way of thinking that it is entirely incompatible with the conventions that sustain democracy.” This is correct. The beating heart of QAnon is the idea that Donald J. Trump will soon arrest, imprison, try, and execute all of his most prominent […]

  • “We Could Adjust the Vote” — Conclusion

    Why do Savin and Co Want Secretary of State Offices? Savin and Marchant (1:20 forward) tell the same story: that George Soros launched, in Savin’s words, an “attack on America” by donating to a Democratic candidate in the Nevada’s 2004 Secretary of State race (51:59 forward, Juan’s site, BitChute – 5/3/22). Soros, according to Savin, […]

  • “We Could Adjust the Vote” — Part 4

    What Will Savin and Co Accept as the “Right” Election Results? Here, we can let the cofounders speak for themselves. “Trump won. It was a clear win. 80% of the people that voted voted for President Trump.”  (Juan O Savin. 58:53: YT, Rumble – 5/17/21)   “When the truth is finally told about the 2020 election, […]

  • “We Could Adjust the Vote” — Part 3

    Birth of the Coalition Readers who don’t particularly care about the coalition’s history can safely proceed to Part 4 of the report. The coalition’s website says that it was created at a May 1, 2021 meeting in Las Vegas which was arranged by Jim Marchant. In fact, Marchant and Savin both agree that the coalition […]

  • “We Could Adjust the Vote” — Part 2

    About the Report First things first: if you’re pressed for time, feel free to just read the bold text. All the most important quotes and every topline conclusion are bolded. There is some previous reporting on Savin and the coalition, but to date no outlet has done a deep dive into it. This report is […]

  • “We Could Adjust the Vote”: QAnon Influencer Juan O Savin’s Coalition of Secretary of State Candidates

    Photo credit: @QAnonAnonymous/Twitter Introduction The United States narrowly escaped a constitutional crisis during the 2020 election. A key factor in that escape: Republican election officials were willing to certify results showing that Donald Trump lost. They also refused to put the weight of their offices behind any of the wild lies about fraud that were […]

  • In Service of the Truth

    While monitoring the usual channels on Telegram in mid-December, Q Origins came across a somewhat unusual post: a comment from a user, reshared by the channel owner, relating the user’s experience with “communistic films” shown to them in church in the 70’s: portrayals of a feared future under totalitarian rule, which the user said gave […]