“We Could Adjust the Vote” — Part 4

What Will Savin and Co Accept as the “Right” Election Results?

Here, we can let the cofounders speak for themselves. “Trump won. It was a clear win. 80% of the people that voted voted for President Trump.”  (Juan O Savin. 58:53: YT, Rumble – 5/17/21)  

“When the truth is finally told about the 2020 election, it’s going to show that California, even in places that we’re being told were Democrat, went Republican – went Trump… it was redder than [a] freakin’ neon light.1 (Juan O Savin. 35:35 forward: Rumble, Juan’s site – 4/27/22)

Jim Marchant, who’s the more respectable public face of the coalition, uses the same logic: Republicans would always be winning if it weren’t for Democratic fraud. In an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room (2:24 forward: GatewayPundit, Rumble – 6/18/21), Marchant said: “Unfortunately in Nevada, we’re 100% controlled by Democrats from the constitutional offices down to the Assembly,” but in spite of Republicans’ electoral failures, he asserts (at 2:42) that Nevada “absolutely is a red state.” When he speaks to less mainstream audiences, Marchant really cuts loose: “We haven’t, in Nevada, elected anybody since 2006. They’ve been installed by the Deep State Cabal.” (7:44, Flyover Conservatives, 1/30/22)

Time and again, when their favored candidates lose – including in GOP primaries and conventions – Juan and Jim claim that voter fraud is to blame. For instance, at the 2022 CA GOP convention, Rachel Hamm gave a speech to delegates in which she reportedly told them to ignore the allegation that she was “a Satanic witch.” After this display, she unsurprisingly fell short of the 60% vote share she would have needed to earn the party’s endorsement. Savin responded by claiming that the vote was rigged against her and saying that a lawsuit was already underway. (Juan O Savin. 22:13 forward: Rumble, Rumble2, BeforeItsNews – 5/11/22)  

Summing up: this is not a group that believes its favored candidates can ever legitimately lose an election. Savin and Marchant both believe that the will of the people is for MAGA candidates to be elected, and consistently attribute any deviation from that result to fraud.

But don’t take our word for it; let Savin explain. “A cooked election system is putting people in power who aren’t actually reflecting the will of the people.  It’s not who we are as Americans. We’re being taken places we didn’t intend as Americans”  (1:01:48 forward: Rumble, Rumble2, BeforeItsNews – 5/11/22). Or Marchant:  “George Soros and the Cabal, they paid attention to [Secretary of State offices]. They knew exactly how to take over our country and make it in their image, not our image. And we’ve got to turn that around, and that’s what I’m doing with our Secretary of State coalition.” (2:36:08, Part 1; Rumble 7:42 – 3/26/22) 

Marchant and Savin have selected candidates who share this worldview.


1 The coalition’s candidate in California, Rachel Hamm, also believes that California is a red state, and trusts “experts” who tell her what she wants to hear.