“We Could Adjust the Vote” — Part 2

About the Report

First things first: if you’re pressed for time, feel free to just read the bold text. All the most important quotes and every topline conclusion are bolded.

There is some previous reporting on Savin and the coalition, but to date no outlet has done a deep dive into it. This report is intended to fill that gap. It examines the coalition’s history as well as the co-founders’ goals for the project and beliefs about elections, largely in their own words.

In addition to the main text, the report has two appendices: one that explains QAnon and another that lays out Savin’s beliefs in more detail and contextualizes them within QAnon culture. 

Because this report is based on the public statements of the coalition’s founders and members, it has major limitations. In particular, we have near-zero visibility into the day-to-day activities of the coalition – much of our knowledge comes from the New York Times, which reports that candidates share staff, donations, and talking points.

True, we know that the coalition has a weekly call for candidates and that it hosts events about election fraud, but that’s pretty much all we know.1  However, we can comfortably state that the coalition exists to identify ideologically compatible candidates and funnel money to them, because its website makes that clear.

This report highlights what it means to be ideologically compatible with Marchant and Savin, and what a danger it would be to the public and to election integrity to have – as the coalition’s website says – “like-minded America First Republicans” in charge of elections.


1 We aren’t relying solely on the Times’ reporting here. In a February 2022 interview, California candidate Rachel Hamm said that the coalition’s members have weekly discussions and “decided to put on events” to alert the public to election fraud (Rumble, 2:45 forward). These public events are, indeed, happening: the coalition’s events page looks empty, but the “click here” buttons all lead to this page.