Author: Alex

  • One Does Not “Simply Read Mein Kampf & Become a Nazi”: A Case Study of GhostEzra & QAnon Pathways to Anti-Semitism

    Introduction  Anti-Semitic tropes were always present within what Travis View calls QAnon’s “big tent” conspiracy theory. Accusations of financial manipulation are frequently placed on prominent Jewish figures like George Soros and the Rothschild family. The adrenochrome theory –which supposes that the so-called “deep state” harvests the blood of trafficked children to obtain adrenochrome in order […]

  • QAnon: Alternative (Fakten) für Deutschland

    Q’s Early Attempts to Cross Borders QAnon has claimed fame as a primarily American-based movement; this makes sense given that its most widely accepted myth posits (former) President Trump as a hero selected by the U.S. military to vanquish an evil, Satan-worshipping, child-trafficking cabal of Democratic politicians and liberal Hollywood figures. However, QAnon eventually developed […]